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How do you let a girl really know you love her


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What are some small actions you can do? Saying it obviously isn't enough, what are something you a guy can do to really show it, so there is no doubt in her mind.


I also feel like hearing I love you isn't enought, but I don't know what is, so some help please. I want this girl to know that she makes me forget there was ever another girl in the room.

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Well, a person I love truly now knows somewhat that I love her the most. Just, for starters without going very far, just when you give her a long hug rest your head beside hers and say: I love you so much, Name.


Soon on, they will be like: I love you too, or: "I know you do" in a very sweet way and walk off flattered.

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I'm very happy for you GottaLetItBurn


The answer to your question, is be a little romantic. Don't let this word scare you - simply do things to show you care. Surprise her! If you surprise her with something you have put a lot of effort into (planning, or otherwise), she'll truly love you for it, and know you truly love her too.

Stuck for ideas? It's not hard, just take some time to think about it. Thoughts of her will inspire you, and ideas will come. Write a poem, make something for her, plan a picnic or getaway... things like that


It may seem "cheesy" to some, but to me it's showing you really care by going that extra mile. Also the key really is effort, certainly not money spent (you can't buy love). The great thing about it is that you'll really enjoy doing things like this for this girl, simply because she means that much to you. When you see the reaction in her eyes and appreciative smile, it's just a totally awesome feeling.


Just my thoughts. I'm a romantic caring guy myself... it's a shame I don't have anyone to share that side of me with right now


Hope this helps

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There is no standardized format for this, everyone has their own way of showing love. For some it is in grand romantic gestures, for me and my partner it is in all the ordinary little things: cooking each other meals or having breakfast in bed, picking up the slack when the other is busy and stressed, little notes left around the house, brushing each other's hair (we both have long hair), the way we can be totally silly together and all the little private jokes we share etc. etc.



Anyway, that's just us: find what works for you! Yay for love

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For me it's little things my boyfriend does that shows me that he loves me, for example, calling me just to say that he loves me or he misses me, even if he's extra busy and could only talk to me for a couple of minutes. You have to see what the response is like, I make sure to let him know that I like it when he does the little things.

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"The sweetest things a guy can do for his girl"


1. Talk to her in movie theatres

2. Hold her hand while u talk

3. Tell her she looks pretty

4. Look her in the eye when u talk to her

5. Tell her stupid jokes

6. Let her mess with ur hair

7. Just walk around with her

8. Look at her like shes the only girl you see

9. Tickle her Even if she says stop

10. When she starts swearing at u, tell her u love her

11. Let her fall asleep in ur arms

12. Get her mad, then kiss her

13. Tease her

14. Let her tease u back

15. kiss her enough, but dont over kiss her

16. Stay up with her all night when shes sick

17. Watch her favorite movie

18. Kiss her forehead

19. Write her letters

20. If she asks u 2 go 2 a show with her, go

21. Let her wear ur clothes

22. When shes sad, hang out with her

23. Buy her ice cream

24. Let her take all the photos of u she wants

25. Kiss her in the rain

26. When u fall in love with her tell her....

27. be her bestfriend

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I wouldn't say I'm in love, or that I even want to be. The way I see it, I don't think I should be looking for it, or making myself believe I'm in love if it's not true.


I just really care a lot, I want to do the things that are going to keep this thing going so I can really decide how I feel. I don't want to do something overly romantic, because then that may set me up for disappointment.


All good suggestions, thanks.

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