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Wanting to get back together...?

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My friend's exgirlfriend "took a break" from him end-of-last-July. They hit a rough spot, she started dating someone else, he was dating random girls, etc. Last week she calls him and says, (paraphrase) "I'm sorry for everything I've said before, I love you, I miss you. I miss being at your house, I miss being in your arms.." And she said when she would hug or lay down with that guy she was dating, it felt "wrong", like she was with the wrong guy. He tells her it's okay, he loves and misses her too, and then the next night they're talking and she asks how much are cabin rentals and she starts looking it up herself. Turns out they're planning a weekend in the mountains this early December together, just the two of them. My friend says they haven't discussed anything official about being back together; they've just been talking and he says it feels like "us" again. So what do you guys think about this?


Does it sound like the girl is wanting to get back together with him? She always calls him now after work, before she goes to bed, if he calls at 6am, she picks it it and talks until she has to go to work. They're being all "I miss you" "I love you" etc. I'm just curious what everybody thinks this means.

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