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Very tempted to break NC but I can't!!!

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I want to contact my ex just to thank him again for telling me about FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) last August when we met and I was venting to him about my supervisors giving me crap for taking some time off for my chronic medical issue. He told me about FMLA and I have heard of that but i thought it was for pregnant women!


Anyway I got the paperwork filled out by my doctor and I took it up to HR today and it got approved.


I just want to thank him again, but I DO NOT want to break NC at all as the NC has been going for 3 weeks. It will just cause me to feel sad all over again especially if he doesn't respond to my thank you email! Ughghhh


NC sucks! but gotta do it to really heal!!!


Just wanted to share!

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