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my interview update...

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It went well! I was asked to come back for a second interview!


I thought Friday the 13th would work against me, but it didn't. It brought me luck!


Thanks again, everyone, for your tips/advice. I really appreciate it. They called me later on today to set up an appointment for the second interview, told me her availability for next week, but I wasn't home-- I missed the call. So I called the lady back and left a voicemail regarding my availability. So my next interview will either be on Mon., Tues., or Wed..


I'm so excited



PS: It must've been my glasses that did it. I did wear them....hehehe

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speaking of which... should i send a thank-you letter for the first interview NOW? or should i wait until after the second interview to send them?


my gut is telling me to send one NOW for the 1st interview. great, now i have to abandon my paper (which i've been stretching out for 2 weeks now) and write a thank-you letter. so much for staying home on a friday night to get some work done! lol

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Hey Jilligirl,


I'm glad everything went great with your interview. Yes, send them a thank you letter, but make sure they get it before your next interview. I once received a thank you in the form of a small See's Candy chocolate box. It stood out of the rest and wound up hiring the person due to attention to details in communication and sincere character. Be sincere in which ever form you give thanks. Good luck on the next one and God bless.

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