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well, i guess most of you would say no because i have to ask.


my ex broke up with me almost 10 months ago and we've been apart longer than we've been together. i know i wasn't over it for the first 5 or 6 months, but since then, i've levelled off in my healing. i haven't gotten any better and i haven't gotten any worse.


i still have some feelings left over for my ex and i have come to terms that i probably will forever, so does this mean i am not over her? is it possible to be over someone but still have some residual feelings for them?


something also happened to me over the weekend. i was out at a club and saw a girl who looked EXACTLY like my ex but this girl was with some guy who was, to me, more than a friend. to my surprise, it didn't bother me that i thought it was my ex with another man. it wasn't her and if it was, it would've been the first time i have seen her with another person.


at this point, i really would like her back in my life (i know some of you may think i am crazy to say this) but as a friend. i know that we're never going to get back together again (which does make me a little sad).


so i am a little confused at this point. i have sort of given up on wondering if i am completely over her.


yes i still miss her even though she has been consistently cold to me when i have seen her, which i still don't quite get but that's another post. i remember her good qualities, and bad, and that's what i miss about her (good qualities that is).


what do you guys think? am i over her or aren't i? i can't seem to answer this myself.

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Others may disagree with me but I've found that I only heal to a certain point on my own.


Those lingering memories of feeling carry a certain weight in your heart. But that's all I think they really are.. Memories of feeling.


Once you meet someone who rocks your socks they'll quickly be forgotten!

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WOW! Could we be anymore alike right now with our breakups? I want my ex in my life too, but I don't want him back! I'm past all the sadness and depression-I actually have A LOT more fun than I used to and I'm a lot more less worried about small stupid stuff and kind of just go with the flow of things, but I miss my ex and want him back (sometimes as a friend, sometimes as a BF again, but I honestly thing I'd be too scared that he would hurt me again so I'd break things off pretty quickly). BUT I MISS HIM!

He was a nice, sweet guy (up until I was having trouble moving on and told him I missed him-he sort of just wrote me off and I don't know why and it hurt, but I'm over all of that). Maybe this is all part of the acceptance phase of things-maybe it will just go away like all the other feelings of sadness/helplessness/fear did-maybe this will be like this forever...


Has anyone been like this before and now they are GREAT-don't think about or miss their ex's but did even AFTER they started feeling better?

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