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I finally took care of my business...


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So I called and left a message on her voicemail just a few minutes ago. Below is basically what I said:


"Hey girl, how you doing? You know who it is... So I hadn't seen you in a while - I had taken some time for me. I had a lot of business to take care of. THings are going real well for me now, my house is in order and I'm happy with where I'm at. And you know, I was real sore about some things that went down between us, I had to take some time to get some perspective on things, and I did. All that is in the past, I'm not mad at ya, got nothing but love for ya. I'm not gonna say I didn't think about you the last couple months - now and then something would remind me of you and it would put a smile on my face. I remember seeing this CR-V commercial where they pop the popcorn in the car...I thought that was so funny I almost laughed out loud (she drives a cr-v, popcorn was our codeword for sex haha). It was good to see you at the bar when we sat down and talked, I appreciate you making the effort to show things were cool between us. I'm sorry if it seemed like things weren't cool with me and if I was a little cold towars you, thats why I wanted to call because its not the case. You just caught me in the midst of finalizing my new job and I wanted to get that settled before I addressed things with you. Why don't you give me a call and let me know when you're free next week so we can get together and kick it for a minute. Hey, you might choose to not call me back...maybe you are still having a hard time dealing with things, I don't know. But if thats the case it doesn't make sense you making the effort to get at me when I've been doing my own thing, especially while were wearing that dress. You're damn straight I noticed it, you looked good. So if you want to get at me you know where to reach me, otherwise I hope the best for you ****, you take care of yourself girl."


I would love some feedback about this, especially from the ladies' viewpoint. She ended things in June, I went NC mid August. Then the end of September her friends started askking a bout me, then my ex started showing up at the places I frequent. Then I saw her like 6 times in 10 days - coincidence?? The first time I saw her in over 2 months she was working to get at me, was flirtateous and just happened to be wearing a dress she bought to attend a formal function with me last year. I saw her several times after that but I was very, very cautious...so much so I was too passive and that may have turned her off. I called her Monday and asked her to get back to me.


I really feel like I put myself out there like woah but that phone call, but I honestly feel like I was on point...what do you all think? IN any case, I'm sticking to my guns - if she can't get back to me then she and I cannot be a part of each other's lives. Believe me, I take no pleasure in this, but its about time I manned up and took control of this situation. It just sucks because I can see it in her eyes that she's still in love with me, i just don't know what she is so afraid of. I mean cmon, she can't even get back to me and tell me straight up how she feels?!?! THat shouldn't be a problem at all if she's done with things and just wants to chill out.


Hook it up with some feedback people!

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