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Just wanted to post, having a pretty crappy day, its only been a little more than a week but it is getting to the breaking point that i am realizing that i am never going to hear from her again. i don't want to break NC but have thought about it numerous times today... everyone seems to think that we are going to get back together but no one knows her like i did. and its pretty hard to tell everyone that you know that you are never going to her from that one person in your life that you would give the world to. the one that meant so much for a brief period in your life and know is gone like they never even met you. Sorry for the pointless thread just had to get this off of my chest...

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Hey CFT,


I am sorry that you are having a rough day, here's great big hug .


I know it's hard letting go and telling family/friends it's over.


But what you will find is that each and every day the pain will lessen.


You wounds will begin to heal and you will begin being you again.


Try not to worry about everyone else, if anyone asks what happened, just say we had our differences.


Hope you feel better hun.


Hugs, Rose

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Hey man ...I woke up feeling the same way...reality sucks but sometimes when we get all those emotions worked up we need to step back and look at the big picture and not get confused on something that is not there. The weekend is upon, make plans with friends and let's get our minds off the ex's. If they want to talk to us they can call. Don't fall in and call this weekend. Have self respect and be stong man.

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