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Unprotected Sex - STD Symptoms?

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I had a small encounter which involved penetration for about a minute unprotected, and is there any symptoms to STD's in women?


I'm not sure whether or not to go to the clinic and get tested because i've never had sex without using a condom and even though we agreed not to furtherly continue after a very small amount of time (around 1-2 minutes) and i havn't felt discomforted in a way that i may have an infection, i heard it's actually very rare to tell if your carrying one sometimes.


I'm aware that it's more obvious in guys, e.g pain during urination, and during erections etc, but does anybody know, or know of a website i could look at for the kind of symptoms found for women.





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Abbey - don't have unprotected sex.


But since the last time WAS unprotected- go to a clinic and talk to a DR. I know you said you don't want to and I'm assuming its because you don't want to involve parents?? But depending on where you live, there are free clinics. Find one in your area and get checked out.

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Listen, I'm going to be blunt with you because I don't want to see you get into trouble. If you don't know the consequences of sex -- all of them -- maybe you shouldn't be having it yet. You need to know how to protect yourself and how to avoid pregnancy.


That being said, many women DO NOT have ANY symptoms of STD, depending of course on the STD (many, if not most women with chlymidia do not have any symptoms whatsoever, and only find out about it later when their doctors find scar tissue when they are not getting pregnant).


I doubt you have an STD but if you're sexually active, you NEED to get checked out regularly. Understand that some STDs like herpes can also be spread even when using condoms. You need to be very careful!!!

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Planned parenthood is great, excellent advice hubman.


Go to link removed to find a clinic near you.


You can read about the STD's/STI's at:

link removed



Thanks R2S! I have used their services with an ex a long time ago. I think they have the best programs for young adults there.

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