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just a quote, which is very accurate


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Kierkegaard "Nowadays not even a suicide kills himself in desperation, but what kills him is over thinking and self reflection"


You should consider this quote, when your feeling depressed or suicidal; because what effects your moods is too much self-reflection, thoughts and self-awareness.


Socrates was famous, for the quote 'know thy self' a life without reflection, is one which isn't worth living. But over-self reflection can make you depressed, especially in the secular world we live in today. As, life has no meanings, it has no purpose and you should just live for the moment without giving it much reflection as thought can ruin your life.


Life is just absurd, with no answers ultimately it doesn't mean anything. You work 9-5 to raise a family, your offspring do the same and so forth. Its like a play, your the central character of utmost importance, yet to everyone else your just an extra and part of their scene- type of nothingness. Your ambitions, achievements, life is insignificant in relation to the universe and time, your irrelevant. So, dont even consider it.


Self-consciousness is a disease and a parasite of the mind. Nowadays, i've trained myself to limit my thinkings and live for each moment and im so much happier for it- im at one with the world and just go with the flow- just like an a conscious, not a self-conscious horse, pig, cat


Think about it what does worrying achieve, you rarely ever find any solutions to your problems. After a while, worrying just becomes amok and you can't even think straight or rationally and it stops you functioning to your potential. Your happiest, when engaging with the world in tasks and without thoughts.

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It's funny you put this out there, I believe dissociation is basically what is all of that. A super awarness, and it can drive a person crazy, im going through it. Everyday is hard. I am NOT suicidal, but dissociation is hard. People should be aware that that feeling of being detatched from the world is so common, and there is a way to get back on track and enjoy the life they have.

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"Life is just absurd, with no answers ultimately it doesn't mean anything."

Thats where I ended up, no matter where I looked I could not see "Why life" and more to the point "why this life" it really did drive me mad, I spent years looking in and out to find some thing any thing to hold myself here, yes fear of pain and death can stop you but I lost me fear of death some time ago after i lost a root my life should have taken. I did that I lost that road and set of down another the feeling of loss for that path lost sits with me every day.


But then one day a meme came along that made me rethink all I knew, My wife showed me a part of easten Phylosife which stopped me in my tracks. An odd and small thing, for me seeing the way of Taoism has ment a mind shift so grate I have no idear where it will end. Not a religen more a way of life and even more a way of seeing life, I have lost that need for a piont to life.


Now for me life is, good and bad, big and small all are just ways to see that which is.


Its not like the Rebarth christans talk about, nore the that freedom from belife most find in religans.


Its a softer thing, its living each day and doing each act, thats all.



Its just "being there" in your life.


There is no point but that dos not matter what matters is the act and in the act is the point.


Thats why I walk the path what more can we do but that.

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I absoultely agree with that, but the only thing that I feel is missing from that statement is 'emotion'.


Intense emotions, such as the hurt and/or pain of depression ride right along side the overthinking, which very often the sufferer is unaware of because he/she is too busy trying to stop the over thinking, until it's too late that is.


Recognising that thoughts do NOT come alone, and that everyone 'feels' when they think is especially important when negative thoughts are being thought, can help greatly to understand why they overthink and self analysis and reflect.


Although overthinking can deplete us and make us weary, it's the emotions behind the overthinking that keeps the person trapped, not the thoughts themselves.

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I tend to disagree, emotions are reasons slave. On some occasions your emotions will overide your thought processes, due to how the brain works, as there is a short cut to the amygdala, especially for fears and anger. Information normally goes into your neocortex first(thinking) then into your amygdala(emotions next) then into your frontal lobes- also the thalamus is involved but thats irrelevant- also there is a short-cut to your amygdala first with limited information to help you react to dangers fast. But, its then how you process that information, we all have chooses, wether to reaction or to it or defuse the situation quickly.


Like yesterday, i was driving my car and some idiot pulled out infront of me, having a short-fuse i became quite really aggressive for a split second. Then, i reasoned with myself rather than letting my anger build/build as anger builds on itself, until i reached a full-blown rage; as everyone has a breaking point. I just told myself 'it was just an accident, a lack of concentration of her behalf(women drivers suck!!), it happens to everyone and i calmed down quite fast- rather than taking the other route, feeling aggrieved and wanting to get retribution.


The lions share, is in your thoughts. An example of an emotion which leads to depression and suicide is worrying; which can then lead to anxiety and then loss of physiological control- sweating, increased heart-rate etc. If your worrying, you usuallly end up worrying about worrying. The process of overcoming this is self-awareness and catching the worrisome episode near the beginning as poss, or relaxation methods. When you start worrying, ontop of worrying you can't think logically, worrying can run amok. Ppl usually believe worrying about a problem, will prepare them for a danger or to solve a it, which often isnt the case. It usually end up in despair telling themselves 'oh i've never be happy'


the situation might go,


Im upset my girlfriend has finished with me

I loved her so much - you should distract yourself around here!! heh

I'll never meet anyone that nice again

Slowly, your amydlada becomes highly aroused(ur emotionally charged)

whats the point of carrying on

I've be single forever

I've never be happy etc you have so many thoughts, you start to lose control.


It just becomes more and more irrational, i know from experience. It starts off as a slight problem and ends up in a deep depression, within 30mins. Sorry for the terrible example, hopefullly ur get the picture


You can counter, almost 95% of ur emotions and put urself into a happier mood through cognition, well i can. So, unless im a freak, then so can the depressed, suicidal people on here. I'm not being pejorative, malign towards emotions, passions some of them are useful and good- joy, happiness etc but you have to learn to regulate them. All in moderation the golden mean- as aristotle might have said!!

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Carl5000, you rase some very good point and as for as I can see what you say is all true,


when I said that emotion is the power house for the brain, i was more talking of the "Theory of mind" the way our brains have a a hole set of Empathy neurons there just to alow us to


"Gaining the understanding that others also have minds, with different and separate beliefs, desires, mental states, and intentions"




"Being able to form operational hypotheses (theories), or mental models, with a degree of accuracy, as to what those beliefs, desires, mental states, and intentions are. "




link removed


Our empathy neurons set there mapping mind states of others alowing us to feel what others feel,


and why feeling are seen by a lot of IA and Cognitive scientist as the key means of driving Attention that being,


"Attention is the selection of important information. The human mind is bombarded with millions of stimuli and it must have a way of deciding which of this information to process. Attention is sometimes seen as a spotlight, meaning one can only shine the light on a particular set of information."


and more that "feelings" Emotional states are incoded as you say with memories, it is now felt felt that this is key to how the mind works for inforamtion/memorie retrivel a form of indexing by emotion of events.


This is why Postromitc stress and be trigered by real world stimulus that was part of the incodeing of the stress event.


The "Smell of peas put me right back there" why that servives say memorys are trugers, but its deeper than that there is I believe a low level bleed of out ongoing Emoshinal state into our day to day memoris. Most get lossed, but some can become renforced. Like the "When ever I come home he has a go at me about what I did wrong today" or the "They arfe always bullying me at school, I hate school" or more evil " Fashon mags show girls size 0 as good im big so im bad and must stave myself"


But you are right, we can change thows feeling and there mind sets, we can rencode and lay down now memories with good feelings.


I myself am Arophobic and have a bad time fyling. thats from being on a 747 which has an bad flight.


I am trying to over lay the bad feeling with new good ones but i need to fly to do this which is well as you see problematic.


I do agree with your post but would add the point the memories are linked to feelings in a very deep and very nesicery way, the mind can not work with out this, we must remember that and not fear out feelings, they are part of who we are and we would not be with out them, and last of all we can have and gain power over them at a higher level of mind as you have pointed out.


and last of all thanks for the post made me think which i always like

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