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life is not always fear

and the one we love is not always there

missing thier company and the wonderful time you share

the way he play in your hair

or just little ways he shows he care

you till can hear him whisper in ear

please baby wipe those tears

be strong he always say

be strong and always pray

i am in your heart to stay

and i will be with you every day

when you hear that voice

we need made that right choice

dont hard your heart toward christ

i know when we are angry its hard to be nice

but no reason harden our soul like ice

your dad love

he love you

there i said twice

but it time realise

he gave knowledge so you can be wise

dont be selfish

and only think about your wish

dont you remember when he teach you how to catch your first fish

later on he serve it on that big white dish

and he said give to your brother before you finish it

to say goodbye

you ask the question why

why is it my dad had to die

i see you in all that pain

there was nothing i could do ease the strain

but watch your eyes fall out rain

i said he love but nothing wont change

because all you want is him to call your name

stress to my brain

no longer can i remain sane

i cut my love

and shed my blood

on your heart my love i stain

i leave it to god to ease your pain

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