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Hey all!


I'm going on an interview tomorrow.


Any last-minute tips?



sit up straight

wear my hair back, and yes, my nails are clean

maintain eye contact

shake hands upon meeting and also before leaving (say thank you and let them know i'm interested)

smile but not so much as to look dopey

think before i speak

bring portfolio / extra copy of resume / copy of certification / list of references

avoid saying things that turn against me

don't act arrogant

be confident

do deep breathing exercises beforehand / try not to appear nervous/anxious



i'm sure there's more that i can't think of right now....


any extra pointers??????????????



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I know a lot of times people ask you like "What would you say is your biggest flaw?" I like to turn it around into something that looks positive like, "Well I tend to be a perfectionist sometimes, constantly pushing myself" or something like that.


thanks for the advice, pitt, but i've heard that saying something like that is cliche. i've read that it's better to admit a flaw that will NOT affect performance on the job in any way. ah! i feel like i'm preparing for a standardized test.

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you're right. i just bought a hypnosis cd that's supposed to help you sleep better (i have sleeping issues, mostly with waking in the middle of the night). i tried it last night and i only woke up 1 time in the middle of the night (which is good for me).


i'll def. listen to that tonight. it also helps that the interview is at 1:30pm! even still i'll go to bed at a reasonable time. i don't want to have dark circles around my eyes. how unattractive. i'll look like a sick, lazy person.


the job is a teaching job at a school for children (ages 3-21) with Autism. i already work in special ed. as a teacher's assistant.

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As an employer what I look for in a possible employee are two things:


1.) Weather they are an educated follower or a educated leader;

a. An educated follower will always put the company and it's needs

ahead of "most" everything, is very reliable and will not quit within

the next three years, thereforeeee lower employee turnover.

b. An educated leader will always put themselves ahead of the

company, will have a hidden agenda to learn in order to leave

asap and plays a confidence game for better positioning.


2.) How can they make me more money as an human asset;

I like employees that think outside the box as to how the business

bottom line can improved. I appreciate authentic salesmanship in

all my employees. Be real and tell them what you can do to make

the company better. Show them the value you bring.


This is my thought on this.

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ellie: no irrelevant info, thanks!


annie: i've tried meditation (at all times of the day, too) hasn't helped. i think i'm just conditioned to wake up constantly. but thanks.


moneygod: thanks for your suggestions. it's making me think about my reasons for wanting to work for them - i want them to know that i wouldn't intend to quit shortly after i'm hired.


you were all such a great help! i'm going to bed now.


i appreciate it all, and thanks for the luck


i'll need it!

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annie: i've tried meditation (at all times of the day, too) hasn't helped. i think i'm just conditioned to wake up constantly. but thanks.



well, just from my personal experience, I have several yoga for meditation DVDs, sometimes I do them before sleep, turn off all the lights, and light some candles around me. I've found it incredibly calming. just something to think about. If you get the job, maybe consider getting a DVD

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Sit with your legs crossed at the ankles and your hands clasped in your lap. This tops you from fidgeting and throwing them about unwittingly about the place whilst nervously expressing yourself, or trying to get a point accross and makes you LOOK relaxed even when your terrified. Good Luck x

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