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Please help me. I have no where else to go


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I have a friend and I have known her for more than 5 years. About 4 years ago, she and I had a little fling that consisted of heavy kissing and such a couple of times, but never led to anything. I had always had a thing for her, but to see that she felt the same was overwhelming and I instantly had a huge crush on her. We mutually decided to remain friends, me mostly because I wanted to keep her close in my life. We both wound up moving into a mutual friends house while each of us was looking for a place of our own to live, and, during this time, she met another guy and started a relationship with him. I couldn't stand being in the same house with them just accross the hall, so I left that house and moved out on my own, pretty much severing all contact. Time went by, and she had a child with him. They argued, then reconciled, and another child was born. During t his time, I was off doing my own thing, only speaking to her whenever she called, but always there to lend a hand. When I went on my last deployment (I was in the Navy at the time), I was still paying rent on my apartment, so I offered to let her stay there for free, which she accepted. Fast forward a year and a half, which was this past July. I get a phone call from her out of the blue. I answered it and jokingly said,"So, when are we going to date?". Apparently, she had been thinking the same thing for more than a year, but she was getting out of the military, and had accepted a job in Eagle, CO. I wasn't to keen on the idea of a long distance relationship, but I had been chasing her for so long that I decided to go with it. Things were so wonderful. I went out to CO to visit her, and it was like a fairy tale. I fell so in love with her that my chest felt hollow and full at the same time. I came back to VA, and we started talking about me moving out to CO, to live with her. I was so excited about it, but I had a lot of loose ends to tie up....


Well, she has a friend who had been asking her to go to Las Vegas this Thanksgiving, and they had been planning to go since before we were an item. I discouraged her from going and life was good, because I felt that she should stay with me in CO for tThanksgiving. I few weeks later, she tells me that her friend bought her a plane ticket to Vegas that was non refundable, and that she had told her too. I became upset, and we had an argument. This put a strain on our relationship. A week passes, and all thoughts of the trip are gone. One day, she tells me that her ticket came in the mail, and I got so upset that she was still going, she hung up the phone on me. I called my Mom right afterward to see what she thought, and she told me that I was the one being selfinsh because she had been planning this since before we were dating, and that it was one weekend, so I should just stop acting stupid. I realized she was right, but the damage was done. I tried to apologize, but my girl wasn't talking to me. She emailed me saying she needed time to think about us, and that she didn't know what she wanted anymore. This was almost a month ago, and we have spoken since then. The conversations aren't the same. They are more along the "godd buddy" conversations, and not the loving ones we were having. I decided to try giving her a little space to see if she would come around, but I haven't heard from her in a week. I have sent her e-mails telling her how I felt, and I know she reads them, but she isn't responding. I have been in emotional hell ever since. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I can barely get out of bed in the mornings. Right now, I am so depressed and heartbroken. She hasn't said that we are officially done, and I don't want us to be. She's all i can think about anymore.


I'm sorry about the rant, but this is something that is inside of me, and it's the worst pain I've ever felt. Thanks for listening.

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I hate to tell ya, but this single mother of two living 1000s of miles from you is not your girlfriend in the way that you think she is.


I''m thinking she is just trying to break up with you now but can't just say it.


People are nonconfrontational sometimes.


Stop contacting her.


Find an available person who lives near you.

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