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Curse my Primal Instinct


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Curse my Primal Instinct


Tell me this

Why she gotta be so cute

Hot and tempting in that business suit

Trying desperately to resist

But when she comes too close I'm tempted to kiss…

Man that's evil

She makes me so feeble

I close my eyes and she's inside my mind

Can't escape, like I need more stress than this 9 to 5 grind

I made a promise and I intend to keep it

Co-workers are off limit and that's the end of it

Then she does the unthinkable and teases

What makes her think she can do as she pleases?

Gotta get away or she'll drive me crazy

Hide out in the cafeteria now the boss thinks I'm lazy

Why me Lord and why Miss Foxy

Help God before she becomes my Proxy.



By V a l e n s k i

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