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My pregnancy symptoms have been pretty mild. A little morning sickness once in a while, some breast tenderness. I am very tired, but other then that not too bad. I think the anxiety of wondering how the baby is worse then anything.


This pregnancy so far has been much more mild then it was with my son. I had severe morning sickness with him. I guess that has thrown mw off a little I waas expecting to be more sick with pregnancy. (that may be a good thing as he is only 17 months and needs alot of attention)


I am still hopeful that all is well. I just keep telling myself that ever pregnancy is different and that the baby is likely still alive.

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I'm with you dilly, I am SO sick. My symptoms suck butt! I feel hungover EVERY day and my breasts feel like they did when I was twelve and they were growing a cup size per month. I am fatigued from vommitting all the time and my neck and shoulders are killing me from being hunched over the toilet. MORNING sickness is a myth man. Its all damn day. I can only pray my second will be better because I couldn't imagine having a little one to take care of and being this sick.


But hey, all the power to ya for not having the first trimester blues. We will be having babies around the same time so keep in touch!



9 1/2 weeks

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Wow I wish I had something like that the first time I was pregnant! I was sick for at least the first 7 months.


My 2nd pregnancy I wasnt sick at all. He will be 2 in Jan.


This time around, due in Dec... I still havent been sick.


Each baby is going to effect you differently. So dont worry if your not having the same experiances as the first time around. Keep us updated your almost through your first trimester!

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