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3 Is A Crowd...


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My partner and I have been together for about 2 years now. Before she and I made things "official" we were just messing around with one another. I did not wan to jump into a relationship with her because she had not long agon got out od another relationship and I was in the process of getting over somene that I was involved with for about 3 years. So I felt like she and I both needed some time to heal before we committed ourselves to one another.


She continued to press the issue about she and I so one day I gave in. In the beginning of our relationship I was still a little distant. We were not spending that much time together so she eventually started at that time (meeting new friends and contating old ones) which I had no problem with. I trusted her with all I had inside until I got a phone call from "girl" 1 (girl literally) she was -- years old!!!


She called me and told me everything. My heart skipped a few beats. It felt like my air passage was closing in. It felt like my heart shattered into a million pieces. I never thought that I could ever describe the pain that I felt when I got that phone call. That's not even half the pain. Anyway...I got that phone call a year ago and here it is going on 2 years and we are still together. So...I decided to stay and work it out. By the way...she never admited to it. Hear it is a year later and I get another phone call. It was girl #1 again. She told me this story again. I actually asked her because I never got closure to what I already new.


When my partner got home, she sat down in the chair in front our bed where I was sitting. I just looked into her eyes with great confusion telling her that she needs to pray for us. She asked me what was I talking about, she said that she pray for us all the time. I said to her pray harder this time because we are going to need him to keep us together. She then began to question what was I talking about. I said to her, I am going to tell you what's on my mind but I don't want you to say nothing but "I did it" when I am through. I want also an apology. I know that she was pobably thinking "that's all...piece of cake." Moving right along I told her everything and she admitted to it. Not everything but just about everything. Since I told her back then when it came up that I fogave her although she did not admit it. So when it came up again recently I told her that we ould work this out since I have already forgiven her then for what she has done. I don't know what I was thinking about. I guess I thought she would come clean since I already forgiven her.


I love this girl so much I am really trying to work this out but I don't think that I could do this. A reliable source told me that there was another girl that was was involved with doing the time she was dealing with with girl #1. So that means that there was 3 of us. Girl #1, Girl #2, and myself. The bad thing about it is Both of them knew about me. My partner will tell them when I came over that they had to go to her sister's house who lived a couple of buildings away. I guess I was her # 1. What I don't understand is why would they settle fo someone who was already in a relationship and knew of her feelings for me. They would go to her sister house and cry to her sister and her sister's partner about how "my partner" was leading them on and how much they are in love with her. I am in the healing process of dealing with girl # 1...mind you she admitted to it a year later after the 2nd phone call.


Girl # 2 is what I m so hurt about right now. I asked her the other day were there any other girls that I need to know about and she said to me no. She lied to me again. She don't know that I know about girl #2 just yet. I dont' know what to do. She is going out of town this weekend and something is telling me to pack up and go. What should I do? I want to work this out but I do not think that I can? Somebody please :sad: :sad:

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