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Is there something wrong with me?

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It has been over a month since I broke things off with my ex- primarily because I feel that I have much to work through myself. I have low self-esteem from my parents always being non-approving. I have done well in life- good job, car, home, boat, yet I am still unhappy. I fully realize that these things don't bring happiness- they simply accompany it. Anyhow, she was very loving of me, and was truly my biggest fan. No one has ever shown me so much love, and i broke her heart by leaving. I told her that it was not about anyone else- I am truly hurting inside and don't feel that I love myself. My conversations with her have become very cold from her end, and I'm sure it's a self-defense mechanism. Regardless, I miss talking to her sooo much. I am trying not to call as I don't want to further her pain or mine. I wish she knew how much I am hurting and that I felt like I had no choice but to be on my own right now. My work is suffering because of it. I guess I should be happy for her that she has seemingly moved on so easily, although I know she has felt a lot of pain herself. We had our weeks of crying on each other's shoulders, and now that seems to be over- I am the only one crying now. I am tired of self-help books and asking myself constantly "What's wrong with me?" Maybe I have been programmed to believe there is something wrong with me, and that is what's wrong with me. Any advice?



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You get your * * * back to her immediately, apologize and tell her you will get help for your problem. There's no reason to let her suffer by being distant and cruel against her. You finally have someone in your life who loves you and you throw it away. Wrong.


What you need to do is to realise that if no one in this world believes in you, you better start loving,supporting and believing yourself.At this moment you are the only one who you know for sure you can count on. You know i have had the same thing happening to me. My dad never supported me in anything i did. Then i was like if your not supporting me ,then i don't need you in my life. I started removing everything and everyone that brought negativity in my life, and replaced them with people who brought positivity. I don't need people who don't support me, and i started believing and loving myself because no one else would do that for me. You need to conquer your own position on earth and start doing small things, heck even cooking a meal will do. Small victories so that you can look back and say 'see, my parents are wrong i CAN do things, i CAN do it.Be an AmeriCAN instead of American't.

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