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Problems Sleeping

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Often my sleep patterns get pretty mixed up (computer *sigh* )


I usually find though, disregarding outside influences (caffeine!) that when I am able to sleep, is directly related to when I get up. After a couple of days, I build up a pattern (usually a bad one), and once built up, it can be hard to alter. For example, if I stay up really late on a whim, then sleep in really late the next day, then on that day I won't be able to get to sleep until really late.

I've found the only way to break up/re-organise this pattern, is to get up very early, and although I'll be very tired the following day, I should be able to go to sleep early.


It's all about routine.


If you don't think it's that, perhaps be conscious of light sources at night (I found sleeping with my curtain open sometimes keeps me awake due to light from the night sky). Also bear in mind any extraneous activities before you go to bed. Not necessarily just physical activities, but mental ones as well. Usually when my body is really tired, it's my mind that doesn't want to sleep. Another thing is napping during the day - if you MUST do this, be sure to keep it 15-20 minutes at most, otherwise it'll interfere with your sleeping hours.


Those are my thoughts

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I think you may try ONE sleeping pill to break the pattern. Keep in mind, sleeping pills, especially those in the class of benzodiazepines (like seresta) make you very drowsy the next day. So my advice is to take one around 10 PM, go to bed around 11 PM (you will feel you need to), and plan a easy but 'full' day. With no opportunity to sleep, that is.


What also helps, is practicing sports at the end of the afternoon. My training schedule for capoeira is such that I train between 6 PM and 8 PM, and I have difficulty keeping my eyes open around 10 PM on the days I train. Exercise is the best way to trigger a healthy sleep-- but don't do it after 8 PM if you want to sleep before 11.


I had a 'nocturnal' life for a long time-- I studied best in the evening and night. But then, the 'world' prefers that most people work somewhere before 9 and 5 Even though I can plan my own schedule, I have noticed that forcing myself in a regular pattern of sleeping before 12 PM and waking up at 7 AM is better for my overall fitness and mood.



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I had a friend in college who was like that. She would stay up til 6-7 in the morning and just sleeps all day until late afternoon. But that's because she scheduled her classes so that all of them would be either late afternoon at evening. How's your schedule during the day? I would suggest drinking a glass of wine or some hot tea before going to sleep . . . it should help . . .

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i'm the worst with sleep. i wake up a lot during the night, usually 3 times, sometimes 2 . . . 1 if i'm extremely lucky.


i just bought a hypnosis cd that is supposed to promote deep sleep. i tried it last night for the first time and i only woke up 1 time. which is really good for me. i'm going to continue this, see if this will keeps working.



oh and by the way--- if i let myself, i could stay up until 3,4,5am. if i let myself, that is (i don't allow myself b/c i gotta wake up for work!). if i had it my way, i'd sleep at 3am and wake up at 12pm- all the time. i've been like that since i was a kid, and i've accepted the fact that i'll just never be a morning person.

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i have normal working hours, but during that day i feel really tired. I MEAN i have having problems to stay awake.

I have realised that i sleep really well dring the day. Must be a security thing.

I suppose my ucle showig me a dracula movie when i was 10 and scared the sh!t otta me and maybe i stil have the fear there. (if a igrl ask me, i will deny it!)

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