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Penis Bumps

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Alright...So I dont have a disease or STI/STD or anything, but i was curious about 1 thing...


On the bottom side of my penis, there are many many small bumps, which might be mistaken for warts, or something, but to me they just look like spots where hair grows out... They run most of the way to the tip, but lessen as they go farther.


Im not sure If they are something that some guys have, and others have more of, or if somethings wrong lol, so im not too too concerned, but id like to know if anyone else has them...

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Just ask another man if you can look at his penis.


You might find bumps with hairs growing from them. At least that's how mine is, and if it's a deformity, I don't wanna know.

I think those are hair roots much like ones on your sackular area.

How long have you had this penis?

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The skin on your arm is thicker, and theres hair there. The reason you dont see bumps on your arm is because the body of the hair folicle has room to live under your skin invisibly. The skin down there is obviously much much thinner, so the body of the hair folicle (being unable to be smashed) sticks out a bit.


(Also the hair down there is *alot* thicker than regular head/arm/facial hair thereforeeee the folicle housing the hair is conciderably bigger)

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