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Typical Irony?


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The other night after delivering for this burger joint I ended up missing 20 dollars in tips and delivery pay. I don't know what happened, I don't think I would be so careless with my money. I ended up with $5 that night. As I walked outside the store, there was a man in a dress shirt and slacks; he was foreign. He looked desperate and nervous, and he approached me.


I didn't know what to expect. I didn't really care much for the fact that I was going to get robbed considering I was standing right outside my car. I just didn't care because I get nothing for all the work I do.


Apparently, he was out of gas. His phone didn't work, and the ATM machine stole his card. He was out of money and thats what he needed. I gave him my 5 dollars.


If he was a con man, he made his living for the night. Atleast I helped.



A question of spirituality. Some girl approached me today about believing in Jesus. I mentioned the fact that maybe he's working through her.

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