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help.just found out he getting married


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Sorry you are feeling this way. That must make you feel sad.

But.... it seems a little rushed, if you guys have only been separated for 6 months and he is getting married already.


Marry in haste repent at lesiure as the old saying goes.


But let this news pass you by, you must be strong and and carry on moving forward. It doesn't matter if his life is going to be falling apart in a few months or not, it is important that you put yourself first and look forward to your life for you.



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Wow, hugs to you....


Sometimes, disappointments can be a blessing in disguise. We often don't see that in 'real time," but only with hindsight.


Hang in there and do what it takes to grieve this....cry, sceam and get warm hugs from your loved ones.


Wishing you peace and happiness,


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Oh Honey I am so sorry!


ugh, I just felt for you when I read that. I imagine you are hurting now.


I don't think after 6 months he knows enough about another person to make that kind of lifetime commitment... it's sad.


If it's any consolation to you, both of my serious exes are now married with babies, and I know they weren't the right guys for me. Hang in there, go get yourself some icecream and a big warm blanket and cozy up with "Bridget Jones Diary".



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I certainly know what you are feeling and know you will get through this. In short my first boyfriend of 2 years got married and was having a baby 3 weeks after we broke up. I di d not find out about this unitl about a year after it happened but it still hit me HARD. To say that I was devasted is an understatement. It took me a very long time to get over it, but as time went on I though less and less about him and now know with all my heart that he wasn't the one for me. I will never forget but life does go on. You will get through this.....thinking of you.

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thanks for your words of support..


the person he is with..she is the one he left me for after seeing her for 2months..


i know her..they dated over 24yrs ago..she was his first love



its just knocked me for six..


thank you all again for your support

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