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I understand that there is the NC stage and everything, but when we broke up she ended up telling my brothers wife that she hopes one day that our paths will cross again because she truly does love me and is still in love with me... We broke up becuase I have trust issues, which i am getting help for currently. I understand that someone can only get vented on about trusting them for so long before they break.


But the week prior we had an argument and he called me after we had hung up and told me that this is worth fighting for and that i would be the one to break up with her because she cares and loves me too much to let this go. Now 1 week into NC i told her i was going to fight for this relatioship and that i was getting help for my trust issues but i have not heard from her at all.


This was a girl that couldn't go a couple of hours without talking to me to know this? i guess what i am asking is do the dumpees always say that they hope "our paths will cross in the future..." is this her way of trying to give me hope and hold on to me? she also told me that she is still in-love with me and does love me, that she needs time to find herself also and work on making her happy. we have broken up once before but she called after one day of NC and was crying saying that she couldn't do it anymore, that she can't be without me...

i am just hoping that one day i will see her phone number come up on my phone and i will hear her say those words again... can someone please help!!

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Why don't you trust her? Has she done anything in the past that made you not trust her? Judging from her reactions I think she still loves you and wants to be with you but she just can't get past this trust issue. She might just be frustrated with the whole issue and needs some time alone. I think she's still willing to wait for you to turn around and work things out with her.

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I am currently in my second week of therapy(1st week of NC) for the trust issues... for as far back as i can remember i have had them, i tend to give people enough information about me and then it turns around and bites me in the butt... as far as the trust we have had two falling outs over the trust issue she broke up with me becuase i blamed her for cheating, she called after one day of NC and told me she can't be without me... then i meet up with her after work one day and we got into it again, 6-8 months after the first time, once again my trusting her was the issue.


i have a fear of being hurt. so the last time she went away for a weekend and i only heard from her 3x 1 text and one call before she got on plane and one before she came back home. she is afraid to fly so i asked her to call when she landed so i know she was ok... well i got a text the next day saying she was going to a football game and she loved me, i sent 2-3 text messages after that and nothing... finally i hear from her on the day of her return and we get into it. she says she loves me and this is worth fighting for for us. the next morning we talked, i argueed and she said she need sometime to think.

We talked that evening and she asked for a week, telling me she loves me but was unsure if she was in-love with me... i gave it to her(the hardest week of my life) and then the following wednesday she says she loves me and is in love with me but can't be hurt anymore... she threw in at the end and even told my sister-in-law that, she hopes our paths cross somewhere down the road... now i am reading into that hoping for the end of the path?! i told her i was going to therapy for us and for my problem, but she said she already made up her mind.


she had slways said that i would have to break up with her, and if we did we would get back together(early on in the relationship we talked about this)... she also told me that she feel in love with me when we first met and that i was the first guy she ever wanted to move out with and try a future... i was afraid to move out, (this is my very first relationship)... if anyonme can help sorry about the length, thank you.

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