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Dam...I broke NC big time.....

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i had my number changed so my ex couldnt contact me. Its been about a month and i was going up and down with my emotions. Well this morning i was suffering, and i wrote my ex a text messaging saying:


"i want to surrender to you. at one time things between us were great. and i miss you every minute. things got confusing, but the past is the past. i dont wanna suffer any more. can we please work it out?"


well, a huge weight was lifted when i sent this. but i was like, dam i dunno if i shoulda done that. but what can i do now? Havent got a response yet, but definetly defeated the purpose of changing my number.


i dont feel the suffering i felt this morning, i do actually feel better, and well its a 50/50 chance of me getting a reply back, and either acceptance or rejection.

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Well, you've just learned the hard way that before you EVER send anything - phone message, text message, email - ALWAYS, and I repeat ALWAYS hold off for at least a good half day and see how you feel about it aftewards.


Now all you can do is wait and see - if you get a reply, what is said, etc...

Good luck my friend...

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will she know its you that sent that?


but anyways, as dreynolds said, the technique of forcing yourself to wait helps. there used to be times when id want to call my ex really really badly. (i.e. nights) I would feel like i had to tell her something...so i started telling myself that i could call the next afternoon if i really still wanted to. by then, my desire was weaker and i came to my senses so to speak.


so basically...when you want to call/text/email...just wait.

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I've done this a few times and never got an answer back so i texted again and again. You feel better at the time but not getting reply just hurts more. I found that i was just giving her a ego boost by chasing. So i've stop now if she wants me she knows where i am. NC is for self healing we all deserve better then someone who does not love you back.


Goodluck mate

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Well, we all break NC at one time or another so like hoss said, don't be harsh on yourself.


But remember, it's called break-up because it's broken.


NC is designed for you to heal not to win your ex back.


What I always try to remind myself is:


What would change if you got back together?


You are still the same people as you were before you broke up.


A rekindled relationship is likely to have many of the same problems.


Isn't it best to dim that hope and move onto to bigger and better things?


Hugs, Rose

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Hey Kronic

Next time you have those moments where you just can't control your emotions (and everyone has been there...I HAVE MANY TIMES in my process of moving on), first things first-turn your phone off and go put it in your car under your drivers seat...then come back in, take a nice long shower and get on your computer and post something here telling people what you're going through-->EVERYONE will tell you to not call her!!

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