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Controlling Men...


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Hi, below is a list of only some of the mental abuse I listened to from a poor example of a man. I am a strong person but this man sucked me right in BUT I got away! I realize this is easier said then done but by making this list below of the crap I took it really hit home and shocked the life out of me. I dread to think what would have happened if I stayed with him. I think I'd be either in prison or a mental institution.


• He told me I need to travel more

• He asked why I didn't own my own property

• He asked what my mother does if my Dad does all the baking etc.

• He constantly called me an idiot/eejit

• He refused to kiss me in public unless he was drunk

• He told me how I was into artificial things like going for meals and receiving flowers

• He told me the man was in charge

• He told me I was on a pedestal and needed to get off it

• He didn't want to hear anything about my boss whom I am PA for

• He insisted that if he had kids HE would be called Patrick

• He wouldn't like to have daughters cause they're boring compared to funny little boys

• He didn't like my previous living quarters as the owner of the house was straight but where I am now the owner is a gay guy

• He was constantly text me while on holidays and ended each text with lots of xxxxxx

• He preferred me in my work clothes as they were classier compared to my casual chilled jeans and t-shirt.

• He told me I cursed too much

• He never brought me on a proper date i.e. a night-out

• He only saw me once a week or less

• He told me at the beginning how he loves brunettes even though I'm blonde

• He told me how all the women in our office fancy the pants off him

• He made a laugh of my artwork and asked if I was 5 when I did it

• His reply to me when I told him about my college course was "yawn yawn yawn"

• He told me that he was thinking of moving to Limerick and how I should be driving my own car so I can drive down to see him

• He told me I could never drive a Landrover as I'm a woman

• He constantly gave out about the trash I watched on tv i.e. x-factor, BB7 even though I only watched it twice with him

• He made a laugh of the type of novels I like to read

• He always dominated what we watched and listened to on the radio and tv e.g. political programmes, news and sport. Even when driving.

• He laughed/sneered at me when I tried to make a point and stand up for myself.

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I just saw a talk show today about controlling men. Makes me sick to my stomache that these guys really think they're kings.


In my opinion they are quite easy to read. They are unhappy with themselves, and have absolutely no self esteem what so ever, so why should you? They get their jollies off by making others feel like sh!t.

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Hey there, he's fairly pathetic with his stone age attitude! Something which i have never come accross before in any man. He is very eager to meet up to discuss things but for what! I'm only going to get insulted again. He's, at present, disgusted with me but I say, what goes around comes around!


Goldfish, I am indeed from the Green Isle.

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Hi Eireann, I sympathise with you completely , i've chopped up your post to show you that we have gone through pretty much the same crap! How does it happen? He also beat me black and blue once too, i don't know how to put my mind around that. He cried like a baby afterwards, my head was sooo swollen, but i ended up comforting HIM. LOL yeah, we are lucky that we got out, cuz i agree, i am just as lucky as you that i never ended up in an insane asylum!


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