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Walking her to the front door at the end of the first day, what should I do?


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On the first date, if I haven't kissed her during the date yet, wouldn't it be too obvious if I park my car half a block away and walk her to the front door, when I can just drop her off right in front of the door. What should I do? Should I insist I walk her, isn't that bit awkward? on the other hand it's not ideal kiss her good bye inside the car on the first date? Need help , thanks!


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Welcome to ENA chitownguy606! Great to have you around here...


First off, wait and see how the date goes, see what chemistry there is. Secondly, I wouldn't insist anything. Thirdly, realize a kiss after the first date is not mandatory regardless of chemistry and she may not feel comfortable doing such without reflection on you or her feelings for you.


If you feel the vibe and really want to kiss her, there will most likely be a "time" that happens during the date where it will be pretty obvious to you. And if she feels it too, she might help create such a situation as well.


At the minimum, I'd say walk her to the door and give her a hug. At that point, you could choose to go in for a kiss.

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