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Question for women...


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How long have y'all been marrried?


Honestly she might not have any real fantacies yet... Sometimes young girls are told sex is bad for so long instead of being taught that sexuality is an amazing and beautiful gift to share with their spouse.


So it may take her time to be comfortable or you may have to gently encourage her by beginning to tell her a scenario then asking her to finish it or add to it- like a game. Also ask her questions like where would she most like to make love at. If she is still heistant just be patient and keep trying. Maybe even give her multiple choice questions... Like would she like to go at it in a dressing room at her fave clothing store or would she be more inclined to be under the stars on the beach.


Good Luck!

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It's not a woman thing.


It's an individual thing.


I'll try to think of what may help, but honestly don't have experience with that. Do you two talk about sex openly? Can she express her needs in bed or is this a strictly 'doesn't talk about fantasies' thing? Is she passive? Do you intiate all the time?

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