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Shes pretty, popular,and she can get anything and anyone she wants................


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there is this girl in my school shes pretty , popular, and she can get any guy she wants................. i want to hate her but i dont cause i dont feel hate towards her i think .............i feel more jelous of her.............i hate being jelous of her i dont know why but i cant stand being jelous of someone or someone being jelous of me ..........all the guys i like she ended up goin out with or she hangs out with them a lot and it gets on my nerves...................because that means every guy that i date had most likey already dated her and i dont want her leaft overs...............and shes so pretty she makes me feel bad cause i wonder why im not that pretty ..........how do i stop being jelous of her

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I know who ur talkin about.


She isnt as nice as u and shes mean to others.Dont be jealous.Jealousy is ugliness.You will probably feel jealous but trust me you will get over it.Just thionk of all the thing u have that she doesnt.


And if u dont want "leftover"guys then you may be single the rest of your life.Cause come on I m sure most guys have dated a diff girl before u.lol,u know that.



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Is she mean? Have you tried getting to know her?


When I was in school there was a girl like that. So many of the girls were jealous. So many of the boys wanted to get with her.


I was jealous too. I decided it had to stop. It was making me miserable. So I became her friend. With her, it turned out that she was actually a nice person. I liked her very much. She was also miserable. Very sad. Girls flocked around her but she didn't really have even one good friend - lots of backstabbing. Most of the boys were too busy trying to get under her shirt and make a name for themself that they forgot to treat her like a person. She had a lot of boys: no real boyfriends. And the rumours! Every where she went there was someone calling her names behind her back, and trying to start rumors.


I couldn't feel jealousy for her after that. She didn't have it as good as I thought. And we actually became friends. An unlikely friendship, for sure.


Now, if the girl is mean - then she is most definetly miserable. So that stops jealousy too - how feel jealous for someone who is so unhappy and unable to have real relationships? Right.


And lastly, you are pretty in your own way. As you get older, more and more people will be there to tell you how beautiful you are to them. There are so many people out there: much bigger than this tiny little school you see so much of now. The opinion of a few people in your school that this girl is pretty is irrelevent in the larger world. Put her another school - she might be considered the ugly one.


Focus on your own life and friends. Have a good time.

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Hey there,


In my experience the most popular girls in high school were the most lonely and miserable people I have ever met. I am with Itsallgrand on this one.


There was this one girl in my graduating class whom was pretty, popular, she had many friends, dated the captain of the baseball team (we were freshman and he was a senior), homecoming attendent, and a majorette. She seemed to always get what she wanted.


But I sat behind her in our Senior English class together and it turned out she was lonely and sad all the time, she felt very empty. For the same reasons the above poster mentioned, guys wanted to be with her because she was pretty and popluar, girls talked smack about her because she did get all the guys and yes....the dreadful rumors about her. How would you feel if people only wanted to be with you because of your looks and people spreading rumors about you all the time? She lead a very empty life in high school.


So like the other poster mentioned, instead of hating her and being jealous of her, try being her friend. Now if she was mean and nasty, that would be another story. But if not, I am willing to bet she never had true friends and that she is a bit lonely.

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Being pretty, popular and desirable to the opposite sex are not character flaws. You don't want to hate her, because she's done absolutely nothing to deserve your hate.


I've been crucified by many of my female "so-called" friends for exhibiting some of these traits. It's heartbreaking and unfair.

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I agree with kellbell and itsallgrand - what you see on the surface may not be what she feels inside. one of my friend's sisters was the pretty popular blonde in school, and committed suicide her freshman year of college. she was pretty horribly depressed.


try not to hate her, you don't really know her. maybe she is a very sweet person - try being her friend. she may surprise you. or she could be a horrible person, at which point, you wouldn't want to hang with her anyways.


but, like batya said, 10, 15 years down the road, everyone changes. many times, the kids who weren't as popular or cool wind up being very happy and satified people, and the cool and popular kids may wind up as adults with a lot of problems.


anyways, high school is temporary. it will pass.


take care

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Who cares if she's popular or not, in fact who gives a rat's whisker about popularity at all. Why does everyone want everyone else to not only know who they are but to also revere them as well???


I swear it's like everbody wants to be famous or something.


Popularity? More like Poopularity, blah.

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Guys are..well, they ain't all that and a bag of chips.


In a few years, no one is going to care, none of this will matter.


Everywhere you go, there will always be someone you think of as being Head Monkey, that person who *seems* so much prettier/smarter/hotter than everyone, than you.


Now, I'm not the most straightforward thinker, but despite my partial insanity, I have managed to learn some things of life.


1) Everybody has problems. Everyone. She'll have similar problems to you, or different ones, but she'll have problems.

2) Everyone gets old and dies anyway...in a hundred years' time, what's it all going to matter?

3) If you're still unconvinced, spend 3-6 months molding yourself into a very sociable, very well-groomed and guy obsessed individual. I didn't like it when I did it. It may work for you - but it may also show you how terrifying such a life can be.

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