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Question for Bisexual females

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I have known a girl for some time who was bisexual when I met her and currently she claims that she is a lesbian. I would say that she always messed with more girls than she did guys. I always assumed that she would make the shift to full lesbian and currently that is where she is at. Notice that I said that she claims to be lesbian but I dont believe she has completely excluded men as a possibility yet. This has been my experience with this girl in particular.

It is entirely possible for interest to move from one sex to the other once the switch is made or she feels comfortable with being open about her sexuality.

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I'm not surprised, since we're supposed to be pretty geared toward reproduction as far as evolution is concerned, but what sex I was attracted to never had anything to do with what part of my hormonal cycle I was at. I'm more likely to want to have sex at that time, but not specifically with a sperm-bearing person.

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