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can anyone help me now?

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just broke up last night and it feels like it's really over this time. we've been together for almost 2 years and it's been good. we're both women and we both want families and realize that we can't do that with each other. neither of us wants to come out. last night was angry and bad, i dont think there's any turning back. she hasn't called today and i don't know how to sleep without her. i haven't slept in 29 hours and haven't eaten, but definetly smoked enough cigarettes to kill a small pig. what should i do to calm my mind enough to see what to do? is it really over? i know i have to let her cool off but do i have to let it go?

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I am sorry weezer you had to go through a break-up.


Sometimes incompatibilities such as desiring a family/children can be a real barrier, so it was best to end it now instead of inflicting further wounds down the line.


I would suggest exercise to calm your mind as it naturally increases endorphins.


You need to create some space between you and her, so that you can properly heal.


Hugs, Rose

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it just ended so badly. i said and did bad things and now she thinks bad of me. i can't live with the that fact. i loved her the best i could and i wish i knew how she was feeling right now. i want to call or go over but i don't know if that will make it worse

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Hello there,

you say it feels like this time it's over for good...so does that mean you have been broken up several times before this?


Maybe it would be a good idea to stay broken up for awhile. At least until you both calm down enough that a good conversation is possible. Yes you said some bad things and now you regret them, but talking about that now may not help. Let things settle a bit.


You do have some important things to think about because neither one wants to come out. That will have an impact on your relationship no matter what. Time to make decisions about your future.

Can YOU have a family with this woman when neither one wants to do it (come out) ....is that possible for you ?

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