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A 'not-so-gr8' event with my crush today..


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I've already posted a similar type thread about work related relationships. I'm in a similar situation. After about 6 months of crushing and going out (outside of work together) - I finally told him how I felt. He told me a relationship would never work out. I was devastated. Now I have to work 6 feet away from him - which has made work really hard. I have not let it affect my work- but I won't deny I'm devastated.


A lot of people do meet through work - but you have to be prepared for if you took it a step further and it didn't work out - how you would feel every day heading into the office. Because not only are you devastated on a relationship - but the whole issue of NC is not allowable!! As you actually have to work with them and maintain a professional relationship with them. I'm sorry if I'm going off the tangent here - but I just want to make you think TWICE about crushing on someone in work.......


Btw, I don't think you are hounding him - but if you are a superior to him - it opens up a whole can of other issues!!!

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