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Shaving question (no not the classic question!)

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Ok don't make fun of me on this one...well not too much fun please lol


So I like to shave my pubic area...haven't in a while but that's not the point.


My problem is that I shaved my balls as well twice and it hurt like HELL when the hair started to grow back up....I mean itchy beyond belief, it was a pain to even walk lol so my question is...does it itch less every time you shave there until it won't itch at all, or is it something that has specifically to do with ma type of hair ?


I used a Gilette Mach 3 blade btw if that makes any difference..

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Thanks for the replies guys...and girl but it's not my skin that itches...I'm perfectly fine for a couple of days the horror starts when the hair starts growing back...I did use some dove body lotion the 2nd time but it didn't help too much...


Should I try it again knowing I haven't shaved there in several months ? I would if the pain goes away after a few times..anyone else with experience on this ?

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i don't know about the itching part (i don't have balls lol)-- but maybe you can just trim it really short instead of shaving it?


as for your hair growing back in, hm, that's very interesting. i really can't say why it would itch. maybe it's not from your skin growing back, but maybe it takes your skin a few days to start feeling the itchiness after shaving?


i dunno. when i shave my legs and "that area" i lather myself with soap first, then put the shaving cream on over it. i have sensitive skin, and it makes shaving less harsh on my skin. also, i get a better shave.

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Its probably the hair getting to be "ingrowns" perhaps? I itch kinda badly after a few days myself when I shave because the hair kept getting "stuck" under the skin.


An electric razor worked better than the other kind for some reason. Maybe because it wasn't as close and/or wasn't shaving the skin too.

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