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Last night

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After beig parinoid yesterday well last night I thought my b/f look down and seemed different with me .... and when we to bed It made me feel down that he wasnt the same with me and I thought what the hells wrong with you so I kind got in a mood and wasnt all over him like I usually am... which made him worry that he did something wrong... anyway I feel bad now for doing that but I told what was wrong with me ... I said I feel down because I thought something had upset you he said no I was just tired before...


The thing is now I feel guilty for doing it... and I'm not sure what to do...?

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Move on...unless he's harping on the matter, dont worry about it. Just dont do it again. Or if you want to be 100% honest, let him know exactly what you were thinking. But if he was tired, then take it at face value and realize...he was tired.


If this occurs again, and you feel its something else, confront the issue head on. Yes, its a bit direct, but dont let things stew. Good news can wait...but Bad news only gets worse with age.



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