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I am 25 and met this 18 year old girl while I was on vacation with a friend and ended up spending a couple days with her until we had to both go back to our respective homes. I spent 2 months talking on the phone with her everyday for 1-2 hrs usually. We were separated by 2500 miles until I moved back east to continue going to school. I went to visit her about a month ago and we were very close and intimate with each other the whole time, she even told me that she loved me a couple times. But since shes young and just starting college I know that shes aprehensive about leaving home and doesnt like to be away from her family. We know live about 600 miles apart and I told her I was willing to do the LDR thing but we've got to see each other at least once a month but I think shes afraid to leave home and I dont think her parents want her leaving either. So, she tells me that she cares about me deeply but that she cant do the LDR thing and that she wants me to find someone else and be happy and I am crushed. So a month goes by and we have not spoken much, I called her and she tells me how much she misses me and how much I mean to her. I thought she just wanted to be friends now but now I get the feeling that she wants more but I know that she cant do the LDR thing. I *might* be moving to her area when I am done with school in May. I guess I'm just confused about the whole situation and I have never felt this way about someone so quickly before. What should I do?

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some people--most, maybe--can't handle LDRs, and i guess she's one of them. but if you do move close to her, i hope you'll get in touch with her right away, because from your post it sounds like she would be really happy to hear the news.


meanwhile, it might be best just to go about your regular routine and put her in the "maybe someday" file.

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