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Why is it we care so much?When to let go?

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Let say you were in a realtionship with someone for eight months.They ar the same person pretty much the enitre way through and you develop feelings. When You boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you. Why would you still care. Now amagine you ex keeps pretending to want you back in their life and so on. They continue the sex and I love yous. Then for the next week ignore you and only mention other women. Now if this become a known cycle. How long would it take You to get fead up and say * * * * IT!.

I"m asking because this has been going on for 4 months.

How long do you personally think it would take to get over and forget someone you love?

And any tips on getting over A situation like this??:splat:

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how can a guy love you only every other week? could it be that he turns to you for sex when he can't get it somewhere else? would you want to marry someone like this?


sorry to answer your questions with more questions, but i think you can see where i'm going with this. you may have the love blinders on that make it hard for you to see the red flags that mean get away from him and don't look back.

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