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please give some advice

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just broke up last night and it feels like it's really over this time. we've been together for almost 2 years and it's been good. we're both women and we both want families and realize that we can't do that with each other. neither of us wants to come out. last night was angry and bad, i dont think there's any turning back. she hasn't called today and i don't know how to sleep without her. i haven't slept in 29 hours and haven't eaten, but definetly smoked enough cigarettes to kill a small pig. what should i do to calm my mind enough to see what to do? is it really over? i know i have to let her cool off but do i have to let it go?

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i can't silence the thoughts of desperation. and that lonely bed looks cool and uninviting. and i just wonder if she feels the way i do. will this night be as unbearable for her. she's asked for the keys back and she packed all my stuff. there's very little left of my there. and there's very little left of me at all.

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i am sorry you are hurting man, i really am. let me be honest with you. you logged onto these forums for support and advice. i did the same after the end of a relationship similar to yours. although i constantly asked for advice, at first i didnt have the faith to trust it. you decision is your own, and i suggest discretion, but you can trust my advice.


do nothing, say nothing. tighten up, dont allow whatever is in your head and heart to escape in any way that will get back to your ex. create a buffer and make some space. you are going to hurt and you should if you really cared. you need to recognize exactly that. allow yourself to hurt, but dont loose the ability to toughen up and control it.


keep us updated on your progress, pm me if you need to. but seriously dude, no matter the circumstance or the urge you feel, absolutely do not contact your ex. at the very least, try and consult these forums before you act...because honestly, waiting the short delay for a response can sometimes give you enough time to cool down and let whatever is bothering you cool down. please do not act in a way you will later regret!


i really laid that out as if i was giving advice to myself a few months ago, but i still hope i was helpful. my main insight is that you cannot hope to successfully act on this situation until you get your head straight.


we're here for you, keep us updated.

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