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7 months later.. she wants me back, I am unsure

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Hi everyone, sorry for bugging all of you with my probs, but my friends are a bunch of knuckleheads, not much help for stuff like this. So my gf of 2 yrs dumped me 7 months ago... i was supposed to transfer schools for a changed major, but then I ended up staying. I know it would be different if I went somewhere else, but when I see her I just don't really know if i'm over her. I can have her back if I want to, but I don't wanna end up hurting her if I am wrong. I've been with other women in the past 7 months, but I still find myself thinking of her quite often. We hang out and I just don't get it... How would I know if I am ready to get back together. I have been enjoying single life, but I always think about her when i am alone... I get pissed as hell when I see her at the bars talking to other guys and she is the same when she sees me with women... Ah I can't even analyze myself! Any advice? How do you figure out what you NEED and not want...

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Hey T-


I have to tell you I think the way you are viewing and thinking about this is wrong, semantics or no semantics.


She is not "something" to "have back" and likewise if you want to. Your wording here is equally if not more important than what you are saying.


And your description of getting pissed seeing her out with other guys and vice versa leads me to believe the roots of this desire for reconciliation are wrong. Not once did I see you write "I love her"...which is huge in its absense...


Advice? Re-think your views on relationships, women, what you want from a relationship with a woman, and leave this situation at rest...

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