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can anyone make anything of this?


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my ex sent me this message right after we broke up. At first she told me in person that she couldn't communicate with me anymore, which was holding her back, and thats why we needed to end. I am a little confused why she said this stuff in the email. Can anyone make anything of this?




thank you so much - that meant a lot to me. it was all stuff i needed to

hear and it is something i'll treasure. its really special that you

understand stuff like what you said - that it's important for us to have a

good friendship and how much you value me. it's all stuff i need to keep

in mind as we go forward. i want to make sure we're really clear on what

relationship we're going to have from now on. you know i love you and you

know how special you are to me, as a boy and as a friend. i still want us

to be best friends. if you really think about it, that's basically what we

are now minus the kissing (which can sometimes happen too, really). i want

tos tay close to you and i want to be there for you like you are for me. i

love you so much and there are so many things about you that are so

special. i don't want you to think this is like a rejection or like i

don't care about you etc...sometimes people are just on different pages at

different times in their lives, and i think that's us right now. i think

both of us need to experience a little and then come back and see where

we are. honestly, you gave me the best summer and the best relationship

i've had to date - and that's something that is really hard for me to give

up. i also want to remind you that a lot of this is for your sake. it

would be so easy for me to keep doing what we're doing and letting you

take such good care of me when there are feelings missing on my part. i

never, ever, ever, ever want to hurt you intentionally, and that is what

i'm trying to avoid....



i dont know.

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That is a very typical break-up/post break-up email.


I don't think there is much you can take from it other than the fact that she wanted things to end amicably and sugar-coat her desire to not be with you and move on.


I am really sorry hun, here's a hug, things will get better each and every day, hang in there.


Hugs, Rose

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Yup, this is the typical dumper response, but do not confuse this with any kind of sign that she's considering getting back together with you even in the future. That is called false hope.


She's just trying to absolve her guilt for dumping you. Just don't make the mistake of thinking that being her friend will bring her back to you. This method has been tried and failed so many times it's not even funny.

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