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Should I cancel study plans?

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We're in the same class and have a test this week, so we decided that we'd get together to study either today or tomorrow. I asked him to tell me in advance so that I know to drive to class that day...and was obviously freaking out when he didn't get back to me this weekend. So today he sends me a message that we'll do it tomorrow, possibly at two different times, because he has a big project that he has to work on tonight (and those stupid projects are very time-consuming). My predictions for the situation:


He'll stay up late working, sleep in tomorrow morning, and walk in right before class starts. I'll be upset because we won't get a chance to talk before class, while he'll be tired and not talkative. I'll take it personally and will start doing my little passive-aggressive thing and acting all hurt, which will aggravate him. By the time we get together to study, I'll be too frustrated to act friendly and cute (i.e. attractive), and even if we do manage to get some studying done, my plan of watching a movie afterwards will not work because both of us will be in a bad mood and he will surely need to catch up on his sleep. Not going to be a good day, and we'll end up drifting apart instead of getting closer.


So, should I reply to him and say that I have plans and can't study tomorrow? Or will that look like I'm purposely trying to avoid and frustrate him? Should I just be on my best behavior in the morning and hope that things work out? I'm just too afraid of things getting worse and ruining any slim chances that I might have in the future...but at the same time, I'll take any excuse I can get to see him and potentially have a good time together.


PS. I couldn't care less about the studying itself, I've got the material down pat, not worried about the exam at all.

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Well the good thing is you already know how you'll react. This doesn't mean you shouldn't study with him, this just means you can change how you react and make it a pleasant experience for both of you. You know what's going to happen, in your eyes, so why would you still get upset about it? Just go with the flow and be your cute friendly self and don't let little things stop you from getting what you want! Good luck!

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Thanks, ladies...I took a deep breath and did not break the plans. Didn't want to eliminate an opportunity to see him.


Class was awkward, but he suggested studying at his house during our three-hour break in the middle of the day. His classes get out earlier, so he waited for me in his car for a good half hour. The drive to his house was awkward, the conversation consisted mostly of me asking questions and him answering...And when we had lunch at his house, we sat on different couches But then we relaxed a bit, there was some teasing involved (okay, a lot of teasing)...He was actually smiling and laughing! It's been a while! And when we got tired of studying, we lay down on the floor side by side and looked at some pictures of mutual friends. No physical contact though


Also, we weren't in his room, but as we walked by, I noticed that one of the drawings I gave him while we were dating was still on his dresser (didn't get a chance to see if the other ones were there).


And I didn't do my patented passive-aggressive thing! Score: me - 1, evil alter-ego - 0...

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