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Does she like me? Should I go for it?


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Ok, Im a teen and there's this girl that i really really like. Her favorite band is the same as mine (music is a huge thing for me). We like dont agree on anything but we get along so good. It's weird. Her Name is Vanessa and she

has medium length black hair, brown eyes, is shorter than me and has a great body. I could like sit

down and talk with her all day. She's totally anti-religion, but I'm gonna try to change that. I'm gonna

get her to come to church with me some wednesday and hopefully she'll know somthings missing and

be a "bible hugger" (as they're called in my school) Like me. She's like so frickin hott it's not even

funny. She's been raised catholic and she said that in her confirmation she had to pick someone to be

nice to and build a stronger relationship with and she picked me. She's only in one of my classes, but

me and her talk all the way through it. We get into alot of arguments , but all of them are resolved

easily and no feelings are hurt. She said she doesn't like having boyfriends and she's only had like one

boyfriend before because she doesnt like "flings"

So, Do you think I have A chance? I think shes been sending me signals, I read some articles

here and noticed that when she talks to me she's always stroking her pencil and biting her

bottom lip. Any Responses are greatly appriciated

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The only way for you to find out is by asking her. You should ask her what she thinks about you. Then you will find out if you have a chance with her or not. Ask her what does she think about you and her if u guys were gone be a couple. See what she thinks this is the only way that you will solve this problem. One other thing if you say that she has been giving you some of the signals then you should really go and find out what is going on between you guys.

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If a girl sends signals, she definitely is interested in you--but how far she is willing to take it is based on whether or not she's looking for a relationship. Sometimes, girls just think you're cute, but have a boyfriend to go home to--hell, some of them WANT to be single.


I agree that you should find out what's going on between you, but I would be more subtle than outright asking her how she feels about you. Ask her out to coffee--a nice public place--and get to know her. That is the best way to find out how she feels about you--through her responses and her behavior around you.

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