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any advice will be greatly appreciated

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i broke up with my ex 3 years ago i'm going to make the long story short. And i am hoping someone here understands me.


about a month ago i was under alot of pressure and had lots of stress in my life ended up going to the hospital bc of having to much stress and tried to committ sucide. bc of this situation.. anyhow someone please tell me if i am over reacting my ex bf gets married 5 months ago he asks me to send me pics of myself ( which i did) he goes under the same business my husband is its like he's trying to compete with me and himself.


he is a very jealous person type. i try explaning this to my husband its like no one understands me at all the situation and the problems i have with my ex and everyone is taking his side like he's married leave him alone he has nothing to do with you bla bla bla. and i'm trying to convince everyone that he is not being the innoncent one here. he's cursing me out everytime we end up having a conversation he blamed for reading his emails and called him up ended up cursing at him that his wife is the one has nothing better to do and reading our conversation from 5 years ago. and all this had led me to try to committ sucide which never led me to do.


i know for a fact that he has some stuff up his sleeves i go on my trip with my husband for 5 days and it had gotten to a point where i lashed out at him and told him to get the f.......... out of my life and have nothing to do with me and he had told me if i was really sure that is what i wanted. he knows i'm innconet here he knows i'm the good one here he just doesn't want to accept it.


i was a told be a friend that give him more time he's under alot of stess and pressure at work just give him the time he needs and he will try to open up to you just let things go let things cool down between you 2 and when he's ready he will come back to you. i told my friend look i would love to do that to move forward with my life but i cant have him and wont have him come back into my life while i'm trying to focus on my life and my marriage.


i mean come on this is the guy i truly loved so much i know all of you would say move on and forget him but your first true love in rare and to let go of all the history and the past and trying to move forward with your life and coping with it its to much hassell. does anyone think i should give him to the end of the week? and wait to hear from him or should i give him his time and space? or should i say something and just end it completely. please if someone understands what i'm going through plesae truly help me out trying to understand this situation. any advice would do.


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i'm having a little trouble following your story. let me see if i understand you correctly:


you are married.


your ex-boyfriend is married.


you still have feelings for him.


you are in contact with him.


you want him in your life.


you sent him pictures of yourself.


you are completely innocent in all of this.


did i get that right?

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yes i am married

yes he is married

the feelings are not there anymore

if i have contact with him bc everytime i find out he does something stupid that he has done he wants me to somehow fight with him at the same time.

yes cuz he asked for it

and u think i'm not innocent? in all this am i right on that?

i left him alone for 2 weeks to get his mind cleared out at least he can control his temper so i can have a normal conversation with him like an adult bc there are some stuff i would like to confirm with him. so i be able to move on and live in peace with no problems in my life anymore. as i said i dont want him back in my life anymore after all i've been through with this guy for at least 4 years and not only that i lost my boyfriend after 4 years and now i'm loosing the best friend i ever had in my life. I think thats undrstandable. whether its with my husband or without my husband i dont want anymore drama in my life i had that already.

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thank you for the clarification. here is my opinion on your situation:


forget lingering any questions you may have. it's over, and that's all you need to know.


stop talking to your ex. i RARELY say that, but it's in your best interest here.


don't try suicide again.


end of drama.



best of luck with your future.

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