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a woman is game if there isn't a ring

trash mail

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I second what everybody said. Just because somebody isn't wearing a ring doesn't mean that that ring isn't already in the guy's pocket, all ready to go...Plus, some people just don't wear rings, even if they are happily married.


Of course, then you have those people who take their rings off so that they can have their fun...And those who have their fun without even bothering to take it off. So no, the ring (or the absense thereof) isn't a reliable indicator.


And they don't even have to be in a committed relationship! Maybe they just don't want to date! They're still not fair game then...

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I disagree, just because you don't have a ring doesn't mean your relationship is a game.


There are many couples out there that have been together forever but aren't married or engaged. My bf's mother has been with her bf for well over 10 years and some of my friend's have been together for 10 plus years as well. There are famous couples that also refuses to marry but have healthy relationships (i.e. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.)

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According to who???


I don't have a ring. And I don't plan to have a ring. But that doesn't mean I'm game !!!


I suppose Grandma's Rule applies here...'A man will try and ask.. but its the womans job to say yah or nay...." nothing to get upset about. Take it as a compliment that he asked and move on. No biggie.


NOPE... just because I am NOT wearing a ring doesn't mean that I'm going to PLAY.


Actually I'm kind of offended by that.... its like saying that if I have a ring on THERE is ownership or property rights.... eeeeeek..

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i have obvously rub some ladies the wrong way by asking the question but, i have had 'friends' that believe otherwise.

Guys that say that all is fair game unless there is a ring, so they will attempt to court the woman even though he knows she is attached if he finds her attractive. I have even seen men that try all kind os skimming methods to get her into bed. Eg wine and dine them, clubbing after that and get her tipsy enough to break her will/ commitment.


I am just wondering if there are the fe out there that would go after a women/man ieven though they are attached because they believe he/she is the one.


Personally i have never done that, but i have had my girlfriend tell me that there ws a 'friend' that tried to do that to her. eg. go out for a casual dinner with a bottle of wine and then clubbing with hard alchol. Towards the end of the night she was pissed and then he tried pressuring her. UNfortunately i wasnt in the same country or i will be there with a baseball bat and a pair of pliers.

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