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Hi peeps,


It's been 5 weeks since my ex callously dumped me by email and for the first 2 weeks I was inconsolable, as it was such a good relationship and her lack of reasons for wanting it to end. Then I felt fine for a while about it, realised what a good catch I am and that she truly has lost a lot in losing me.


But I'm still in love with her and really missing her now and for some reason I still want her back.


Even though she dumped me by email 2 weeks after she told me she loved me, acted so coldly to me in the aftermath of the breakup like I never meant anything to her, and when I was involved in a car accident 3 weeks after the breakup in which my friend died and I suffered broken ribs and concussion she didn't contact me once to ask how I am... She did email another friend of mine to ask if I was ok but that's just not the same is it?


So why am I still wanting her back?


And why on Earth did I just send her a text telling her I missed her?


That's beyond dumb.

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What you guys are going through is soooooo normal-EVERYONE that lost someone they loved goes through that! I just went through it all...I guarantee boys that it will get better! It's so hard to believe that, I KNOW; but you just have to try!!! Just get up everyday and tell yourself that "your moving on now-your getting over your ex"...it's a LONG HARD ROCKY AWFUL ROAD to walk, but one day, you'll see the light, but it's going to take time!




Keep posting on here-it's sometimes comforting knowing that there are people out here going through the same situations as you (and some have it a lot worse than you).



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Thanks you guys, this forum is really helpful.


I work with my ex which makes it really difficult to maintain NC... but I was managing it until today - even though she's not in, (she's off work for 2 weeks) and I was thinking these 2 weeks would be much better for me...




I'm so annoyed with myself for texting her but at least it just said I missed her rather than "I love you and want you back... why did you leave me... wah wah"

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Gosh you are in a complicated situation if you work with her. Avoidance is one of the things that will help you recover, it will be hard because you may be ok in 2 weeks while she's gone but when she gets back, will her presense throw you right where you are now?


I was in the very same situation - i texted him so many times then finally decided enough is enough. Funny because now he's the one texting me, but only because I'm the only one who can help him. Revenge is sweet when it is given cold.


Hang in there. FOCUS ON RECOVERY!!

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I'm spending these 2 weeks trying to find a new job to get the hell away from her.

I'm also spending the time trying to kill the futile hope and want for a reconciliation in my head... that'll be a lot more difficult than finding a new job.

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