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quick question for ladies


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Definitely go ahead and do it.


I was listening to this radio show where they discussed it and I thought it was so funny that a guy would actually ask for a kiss.


Don't ask her or she will think you are insecure.


If she is giving the right signals, leaning into you with body language, smiling, seems into you, then go for it.


I know if a guy asked me first, I would say no, because it showed lack of initiative and confidence on his part. Not being superficial, but I would respect him more, if he took the lead.


What have you got to lose? Nothing.


Hugs, Rose

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I know you addressed this post to the "ladies" but I will give my opinion. I agree with the above posts and never, ever, ever ask for anything, including sex.


You definitely need to watch all the signals: is she touching you at all, do you have eye contact, is she laughing at your jokes, and so on. When I decide to kiss someone for the fist time I usually pick a moment when we are alone, and the conversations lulls a little bit. Then I lean in really slow so she knows its coming and has time to react if she really does not want to be kissed.


But show confidence and just do it. If you think about it too much it wont happen. Same with sex. If you feels it's the right time to make that move, just do it. Gently guide her to the bedroom while you are kissing her, or something to that effect, but never ask, "do you want to have sex." If she feels its right then she will go along. If not, she may want to talk about it first to decide if it's the right time, and then you talk. But never ask.


I made those mistakes in the past, and girls respect you so much more when you go for what you want, when you "take what you want." That really turns them on, the confidence you give off by taking what you desire. =)

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