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We kinda talked but mainly it was just about how much he loved me but needs space...we are having a 1 month break - no contact or anything - so its not just for the guy's weekend..i doubt we'll get back together either, he'll forget me.


Although, I was just on myspace and I found a quiz thing that he completed the day we stopped talking and basically he told everyone how much he loved me that makes me a bit happier but I miss him, I'm not gonna last a month.

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gosh...i just read through the whole thread and i dunno how u handle that. pretty confusing for you. i would wanna know one way fo the other, i cant understand why people wants breaks, surely you either wanna be together or you dont, needing space i understand but ignoring you on msn, i wouldnt like that. i feel for you on this one.

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he's totally selfish!!! im sorry i say this but its what i think of him. you should think really carefuly if its good for you to continue with him.

everyday my bf keeps in touch, even we both think that maybe it could have bad effects in our relation, we cant get the idea to not communicate.


in LDRS, thats very important, you should tell him your need to hear him, at least that can keep hopes awake! but i can see he doesnt care at all. not calling you, no mailing...what's that???:S if i were you, i wouldnt believe that bull * * * * his cell is still at his friends house. if i were a guy and i dont have an easy way to call my gf, i would go and buy some crdit to call her with a public phone, or to go to an internet caffe, etc. i have done that for my bf when my internet failed and there werent a way to comunicate.


sorry if i sound drastic, but dont let him hurt you. he doesnt deserve a girl like you.

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