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Its Now Been 4 Days

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These 4 days have been the absolute worst ever =[ and I know it won't be over for a while!


Some of you may have read my previous post:


Anyway, it's now been 4 days since he's been in contact and it's killing me!!


Nobody has any idea of why he's doing this! He's STILL ignoring me on myspace - though he still has "In A Relationship" as his status and I'm still on his top list, which he would have changed straight away if he believed we were over (he's like that lol). He's online RIGHT NOW. And ignoring me

I believe he's blocked me on MSN (not sure though but he's normally on a lot and he's not been on at all).


I've talked it through with one of his friends and he said that it seems strange but he doesn't have a clue about why he's doing this. But his friend wants us to get through this cos apparently we "make a good couple".


Its driving me CRAZY. No texts, no messages online, he doesn't answer my phone calls maybe this is his way of breaking up with me, just cutting contact? He is a coward if that's what he is doing.


Maybe i'm just reading too much into it though, maybe he just hasn't had time...but 4 days ARGH! Rant over!

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Yeah he said he left it there, and his friend went home until tonight so he couldn't get into his friends flat to get it. This meant he didn't have my number with him to call me or anything. And his laptop is getting repaired at a computer shop.


THe only way he's been able to get online is at uni, but has been busy doing work and didn't realise I was online. That's what he told me anyway. Sound true?

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Sorry to say but I don't think I would believe it....I mean, ok, he may well have left his phone at a friend's place but howcome he didnt have the time to send you a quick email to tell you about it ??


These days there are numerous ways to communicate....losing his phone seems like a pretty bad excuse to me. Which doesnt mean he doesn't care about you...maybe he just needed some space for some reason.

Still, its a bit weird I would say..

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I'm in an LDR and I know for sure(!) that if something happened to

my girl's cell, she would find a way to contact me no matter how busy she was/is. The same goes for me if it was the other way around.


And I agree with Ixtapa...there's ALWAYS email. If he was at the library (no matter how busy he was) he could have thrown together a quick email to let you know what was going on...


Think about it this way. What would you have done if it was the other way around and YOU were the one that forget your cell somewhere?

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Seems that he doesnt care much about your feelings here

But I'm confused...have you ended things with him or not ?! Was reading your previous post and not sure I understand what's going on here.

In any case, I would say give it some time and think about everything in your relationship with this guy. If he is far away and you end up arguing or not communicating well half the time, it will only bring you grief.

Is this just a phase or has he always been ignoring you on and off like that ??

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Well I did text him ending it, which he hasn't got yet because he STILL hasn't got his phone back! So he didn't know that. But I love him and don't wanna lose him so we are still kinda together I think..I really dunno cos I've hardly spoken to him!


He's never been like this before. Ever! He's just emailed me apologising for not being in touch and said he's gonna make it up to me and come and see me soon


"Baby I am sooo sorry. I know I should have been in touch, I've just been so busy with essays and was going to e-mail you but you got a new e-mail address and I didn't know it. I would have rang you off Ben's phone but I didn't know your number either. You don't know how sorry I am. I'm gonna make it up to you babe, I'm gonna come and see you as soon as poss and treat you like the most special princess that you are. Because you are the most special most I've ever met. I love you so much."


That's what he said

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Sounds like he's really sorry....

Like it WAS just a series of things happening together that

caused the mis-communication (ie: forgot cell, didn't have number, new

email addy, etc...)


I say give him another chance...



now you need to figure out what to do when he

gets the "break up text".....

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Already sorted it..he's gonna get about 20 text messages when he gets his phone back hehe...sent him one apologising saying I didn't mean anything I said I was just annoyed, upset and missing him. I miss him now. I haven't had a proper conversation with him since 6 October and it's now 11 October..he goes away for the weekend aswel so I don't wanna interrupt his guys weekend...but its our anniversary on Sunday (he probs doesn't know).


Has anyone ever gone this long not talking to their bf before?


I haven't...it seems really strange

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Happy to hear that he sent you that sweet email and that things are back to normal The next time you meet will be all the more special


LDRs are tough...I sometimes do not speak to my boyfriend for a few days in a row, because we are both really busy and thousands of miles apart (7 time zones). But I agree with you ... it does feel strange not to be in touch after a couple days....I also end up thinking about him a bit too much !!

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Things aren't back to normal though..he still hasn't got his phone back. So now, I won't speak to him until sometime next week because he's away with the guy's this weekend...


He logged into MSN an hour ago, I said hello, he still hasn't said a thing back to me gosh I'm sooo confused!!

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