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Broken Ankle & Lives, On The Mend

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Hi All,


I almost didn't take her in b/c we thought it was just a sprain. So glad I followed my gut on this one.


So, out of nowhere Friday, I'm at work, I get a call from the Orthopaedist. A small sweet voice asking, can you bring your daughter in for surgery in 2 hours?! Tho I knew she may need surgery, I'd assumed it would be a little more planned. She was on day 13 of her 2 wks after injury happened-so it was urgent!


Long story short:

She has 3 metal screws in. She's in a cast. She's on Norcle pain med. The surgery took 1-1/2 hr total. Dr says 4-6 wks for recovery. She plans to return to her sport but will not be competing this season.



Not too bad. Cost of surgery only $1500 b4 insurance. Of course, there is more... anesthesia dr, hosp visits, orthopedist, general m.d., meds. It was done out-patient at the surgery center instead of hosp saving $$$00,000?



She is on her back, leg up and I am right here for her 24/7. Her best friend & dad came over for her yesterday.


b4 the injury, I had been jogging at the park 3x/wk, working out at the gym 1x/wk, going to the pub 1x/wk, and all the usual...grocery shopping, banking, etc...


But still, I virtually have no social life outside of work and the gym, no friends. I don't understand this. people at work, gym, pub and neighborhood think I'm nice and really pretty but nobody calls or comes over-ever.


And now, I know I need to make a change. I just don't know how to start over. I'm shy.


Thanks for reading.

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