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stages of grief


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is it possible to be between a variety of stages..



i mean one minute im depressed..denial?. upset.acceptance


the stage i dont seem to reach is anger.


how long does this roller coaster of emotions last


crying..thinking.of what was and what i will miss


acceptance that it is over.and he will never be with me again


upset by the last line


but never anger..i have heard once you reach this stage.it is finally over


you accept everything..are angry at what as happened.


and totally over the past..


any thoughts appreciated

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Break-Up Stages


Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Grieving, Acceptance


The stages do not necessarily occur in that order, and more than one stage can be present at once.


The length of each stage depends largely on the person.


Some will heal more rapidly than others.


Hang in there, each and every day will seem brighter.


Hugs, Rose

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ive been misunderstood..i dont expect a stage to end it all .


i know that is down to me


i just heard reaching this certain stage is a good one to be at


i know he doesnt love me..and it is down to me and me alone


i was just curious if you could be in more stages than one.


and apparently i am..


i just wish my head would get around it more quickly..

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