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My Fiancee is a virgin, HELP


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hi there everyone

well my long term girlfriend and current fiancee is a virgin, I have respected that aspect of her life for the duration of the relationship because its a beautiful thing, and I wish i would have done the same.


We do engage in sexual activities, mostly she gives me hanjobs or blowjobs. I love going down on a woman, and I really wanna taste her sweet juices, but she is afraid that I would pop her cherry.

My question is, can oral sex on a woman break her hymen? I mean with out the insertion of the tongue or anything.

Also, if there are some people here that had a similar experience, can you please give me a few pointers on what to do in the bedroom, cause we are really running out of ideas (she is not into anal sex at all).



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I doubt whether oral sex would break her hymen.. isn't the hymen on the inside?


If you guys do actually want to have sex I would suggest a private and non threatening environment, for instance, in your bedroom with lots of candles and stuff and music... and I would suggest that any "actions" are initiated by her, ie. having her on top so she can control what's happening....


Sorry, a bit off topic... were you guys waiting until marriage to actually have sex?

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yes we are waiting to have sex on our wedding night, its 3 months away, so we will try to hold in the urge,

she is getting hornier by the second, but both of us dont really to have sex until our wedding night.

I am not a virgin, and she knows how hard it is for me, and she tries to please me however she can.

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Actually, you might want to point out to her that it will be easier for her to lose her virginity to you without a hymen.. Not having a hymen does not mean that she isn't a virgin! Women tear the hymen doing all sorts of weird, random things... playing sports, using tampons, etc.


And I agree with the other posters.. it sounds kind of silly to be giving and receiving oral sex, but technically trying to remain a virgin...

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