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I feel so good right now!


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Well just yesterday I almost missed the bus to a football game to see Rachel,my crush.The original bus driver was sick so we had to wait for another bus...if it would come.(I was about to call my mom to pick me up ,but i didn't,because i wanted to see her bad.)It did eventually,but she didn't ride the bus because she had to be there from the beginning so she had to get a ride from the Cheerleading coach)We got there at the end of the first quater.I stayed the rest of the game ,freezing cold.We left and she rode the bus,and she talked to me about my hair.Then we got off the bus to wait for our parents to pick us up.I ended up being the last "guy"(as in male person) there.She came up and she played a little with my hair and called me "poofy haired andy"(SHE KNOWS MY NAME!)

I feel so good,I did my dance.(which i haven't done in forever!)


I know this is a long post but it has a moral.

Be patient,and good things will eventually happen!

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Well I don't know if she's "in to me" as in attracted to me ,but I know she knows me now.I can talk to her without really hesitating!


Thats how lots of people are they like my hair,but not my personality.(I honestly don't think she's that way)

Well i like my personality,and if they don't like it well Up theirs!

I'm usually not one to hold a grudge.


I forgot to mention I bought to songs on itunes right after the "whatever you want to call it."

The songs remind me of her. "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses and "brown eyed girl" by Van Morrison.

I love the songs anyway,but the fact that they make me think of her makes me like em that much more.

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