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He called.

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My (ex)boyfriend called me today after 5 days of no contact after he hung up on me, drunkenly telling me he never wanted to talk to me again. So today he called. He claimed that he just got my text message about wanting my stuff back. Whatever. I was at a department store with three friends, and they ALL knew what happened. We talked for about 20-30 minutes and I told him I'd call him tonite when i got back from where i was going.


Basically without replaying our entire conversations, he said he didn't remember most of what happened that night. He apologized and said he didn't call me because he knew i'd be angry and thought we both needed some time before we talked.


He said he does love me and care about me.


He said he'd call me tomorrow to talk some more but won't come over my house because he works a 12 hour shift at work. i told him i'd rather talk in person.


There are so many things that this man has done for me in my life. So many ways he has made me a better person and make me find myself. He's opened my eyes to the life i want and who i want to be.


It's so hard to turn my cheek and never speak to him again, even though we were friends before this relationship (we weren't really close until we started dating) but at the same time, i don't want to get wrapped up into this whole thing again. I know he's not going to change. Probably never - but i'd rather have him in my life even if we aren't a couple, than not have him at all. Is this wrong?





Here is my last thread:



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I think you are limiting yourself if you keep him in your life. You are wanting to hold on to the ties, when you should be releasing them and moving on.


I agree with Sn0man. It is a break up not hold on for dear life and see what happens. You should have enough respect and love for yourself to not do this to yourself.

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