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This dosen't make sense.....

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I was not eating no more thna 5 times a week for a few months and I went from 120 lbs to 110 lbs during that time. A few weeks ago I told Jesse about my deit, and she got worried and made me start eating 3 times a day again. After just 2 days I gained 5 lbs. Well, I was too scared to check the scale again, so I didn't for about 1 and a half weeks. Well, just now I checked the scale and I was back DOWN to 110 lbs. How can I gain 5 pounds in 2 days by eating more, and continue to eat like a fat pig and LOSE WEIGHT! I'm very confused about this, please enlighten me on the subject.

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Hey there,


You are NOT eating enough! When a person does not eat enough, the body goes into starvation mode and metabolism slows down greatly. Plus, what could have happened is eating in the last few days could be water weight. That is why a person's weight can flucuate greatly from each day, even by the hour.


It is important to get all of your vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Your body needs them in order to function properly. Think of your body as a furnace, and what does a furnace need in order to burn heat? FUEL of some sort! Well, food is your fuel. Research has shown if a person eats 5-6 little meals a day, he/she will burn more calories instead of eating 3 large meals. Eating small meals a day continues to give the body fuel at an even level, allowing to be burned throughout the day.


Also, drink a lot of water. Many people confuse dehydration for hunger. Water helps flush metabolic wastes out of the muscles and internal organs, thus allowing them to function properly. It also aids in digestion. Water keeps the skin and eyes hydrated. Drink plenty of it!


I just do not understand why you are doing what you have been doing. It borderlines an eating disorder. I cannot begin to tell you the damage you are doing to your brain, your internal organs by eating the way you have been. You are 17, you are growing, your body is changing. You need all the nutrients in order to function properly.


I do not mean to sound mean but eating an average of once a day is not good. I would either consult a professional, such as a doctor or nutritionist to guide you on ways to lose weight more safe.

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You are only 17.


In order for you to stay healthy, you should NOT NOT NOT starve yourself of food. I did the same to myself when I was your age and it was awful, I was skin and bone.


If you are concerned that you are overweight, eat healthy, regular meals and exercise regularly as well. Please do not put your own health and safety at risk for this, it's not worth it...

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You should not let others control what you do, it is YOUR life not theirs. But bear in mind, when one posts in a forum such as this, one runs the risk of having things written the poster does not want to see or want to realize.



Saddly, I often make topics on a certain forum called SPPf (which I'm currenly under a 2 week ban at) and people say things that make me very depressed and down. But I continue to go there and post and be put down again. I don't know why I go there. Is it because it's the place I met my first GF at? Or is it because it's the first forum I ever joined? Well, one thing for sure, is that I'll only leave when I'm permamently IP banned. I have been IP banned from their once back when I first met Monica, and I conviced the owner to lift the ban, which few people have done. In total, I've been banned 3 times. XD


I don't know why I mentioned this^^ It might be that I got banned just this morning and it's eating away at my nerves.

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